Aims and Objectives of the Society

The aims and objects for which this society is established are:

  1. To establish first-rate Educational Institutions to provide broad-based education in (i) Arts (ii) Science (iii) Commerce (iv) Education and other faculties, through the medium of Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Punjabi and other languages.
  2. To provide technical, industrial, commercial and vocational education.
  3. To impart sound religious and moral instructions based on the tenets of Sanatan Dharma with a view to fostering the ideals of cosmopolitan outlook and universal brotherhood.
  4. To provide facilities for research in scriptures and religion.
  5. To establish and affiliate institutions including Schools having the above mentioned objects in Chandigarh and neighbouring states.
  6. To collect donations and subscriptions for promoting aims and objects of the Society.
  7. To acquire land, construct, maintain, improve, develop any premises for the activities of Association and its members.
Activities of the Promoting Body including listing of major educational promotion activities undertaken by it in the past:

As mentioned above, the promoting body has established 3 colleges, 1 charitable institution and 1 school successfully. GGDSD College, Chandigarh is identified as College with Potential for Excellence by UGC, PMLSD College Gurdaspur and Fathegarh churian are making significant contribution in development of status of women in rural and backward areas. PMLSD School, Chandigarh is one of the leading schools in the City beautiful.

Vision of the Society

  1. To prepare students with capacities and creativities to have new thoughts, new horizons and analytical capabilities so as to enable them to achieve the objectives of business and society.
  2. To make them true professionals and efficient corporate managers so that they become responsible citizens.
  3. To have an effective team with a zeal and enthusiasm for achieving results in the fiercely competitive world.
  4. To build, maintain and implement highest quality courses in field of Management and Information Technology.
  5. To provide societal and Ethical education.