President’s Message

The GGDSD College Society is set with a mission to spread quality education and understands the challenges posed by the extremely volatile and changing paradigms of the present day education system. Driven by the core values of Sanatan Dharma promoted by Mahamanna Madan Mohan Malviya Ji, Goswami Ganesh Dutta Ji Maharaj and Late Pt. Mohan Lal ji, the management is constantly trying to bring a change in society by spreading the light of knowledge and by strengthening the moral and ethical foundation of society. Our value based education and moral fiber is strong enough to equip our students tackle complex global challenges with a deep sense of academic honesty and social responsibility.We believe that the young minds must be groomed to attain, what Sri Aurobindo said, ‘the power of reasoning, the power of comparison and differentiation and the power of expression’to become the instruments of economic development and social change. This change is possible when education is used as a force for development to provide education to all- even the “less fortunate’. We are also alive to our responsibility towards our stakeholders and believe in creating an academic environment that meets the highest standards of intellectual excellence and ethicalvalues. The GGDSD College in Chandigarh has created a niche for itself by achieving highest standards of excellence not only in academics but also in the overall holistic development of students .Perhaps that is why it is the most sought after college after SRCC, Delhi. With a view to cope up with the immense pressure on admissions, the management is extending its reach by starting a new professional degree college at KheriGurna, district Patiala. The aim and mission of starting this new college of commerce is to provide high -standard quality education to more students and thus provide a stimulating learning environment to stakeholders.

Not only this, the women colleges started by the Society in Gurdaspur and Fatehgarh Churian, Panjab have proved a boon to the girls of these areas who had earlier been deprived of higher education. These institutions are providing vocational and professional courses and are considered premium institutions affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University.

Unfortunately, today education is becoming an activity totally driven by the demands of capitalist culture. The approach and administration of higher education is being driven by principles of business and marketing. This is turning education into a highly remunerative business-making education, a product in which one invests for the purpose of employment opportunities and financial gains. This character of education, which may be called the commercialization of education, has changed the very meaning and purpose of educational institutions.

What is education? For us it is basically a value based activity driven by devotion and commitment and a will to provide the firm foundation on which legal, administrative, civic and developmental domains unfold and flourish to navigate and bring positive change in society. The schools and colleges have the moral responsibility to build and reflect a process that brings out complete citizens who can be an asset to the society.

The controversies over scams, the trading of diplomas and degrees, the fudging and the fakes clearly demonstrate that ethics has become a serious concern.It reiterates our faith that an education system based on deep rooted values and guided by internal ethical compass can provide the right direction and save the younger generation from becoming ethically bankrupt. The GGDSD College society understands the ethos of academics and believes that the ultimate end of true and fruitful education is to produce human beings with strength of character and compassion.

We believe in promoting a system that does not reduce education to a marketable commodity. Rather we pledge to provide an environment which provides students the best opportunities to grow intellectually and ethically.